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Albatechnics is an Italian independent maintenance company. Our specialized staff are well trained and prepared to maintain customer’s aircraft all over the world.

As an EASA Part-145 organization, Albatechnics holds the approval for Airbus A320 family and also Boeing B737 Classic and NG. Our dedicated team, flexibility, high quality, On-Time-Delivery and a maximum value for money are the scope of our success, we’d like to be the maintenance partner of all our customers.



Albatechnics’s technical staff is repeatedly trained at regular intervals to meet all Regulatory requirements. Advanced training in different areas ensures that our services are safe and reliable.


In June 2019, Albatechnics has been approved to provide service at Tirana (TIA) airport, where become the major maintenance company of the state, where more than 20 people is providing maintenance service.


In February 2019, Albatechnics has been approved to start its operation at Venice airport (VCE), providing a broad range of Line Maintenance services covering Boeing B737 Classic, B737 Next Generation and Airbus A320 Family aircraft series.


Line Maintenance activities

We have a team ready to support our customer in any bases where the aircraft is grounded

AOG support outside approved bases

We have a team ready to support our customer in any bases where the aircraft is grounded

Flying Spanner

If a customer need a support during its operation where a certified staff shall be present on board for any reason, we can provide this service for all aircraft contained in the scope of approval of our company

Engine Wash

The company is equipped with all tools needed for the engine wash

Boroscope inspection

We are able to support at any location our client with a staff properly rated and inspection will be performed with Olympus boroscope equipment

Aircraft wash (on TIA Airport)

Only at TIA airport we are able to provide internal and external deep cleaning, all activities are supervised by properly rated engineers


Albatechnics was founded in 2018 at Venice Airport (VCE) in Italy. We are proud to have been granted the EASA Part-145 by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority. Albatechnics maintains the Airbus 320 family and Boeing B737 CL/NG aircraft.

Highest quality
Competitive pricing concepts tailored to customer needs
High flexibility
A partnership based on quality, passion and commitment

Our Clients


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